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Welcome to the new Quality Cornices Blog

Welcome to Quality Cornices, a site devoted to interior designers and home owners who are searching for decorating ideas.  This site offers photos of upholstered cornice boards, lambrequins, folding screens, headboards and mirror frames, with useful guides for estimating your fabric requirements. Since 1977 I’ve been building these products with great care and treating each customer with courtesy and friendliness.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you so we can talk about your design needs.-Burt Revell

2 Responses

  1. Burt, thanks for building this site. I am now able to give my clients a better idea of the cornice I am suggesting with their fabric right in front of them. On the last presentation, using your site, I was able to show how the headboard would totally compliment the job and they ordered it. Thanks for making my business that much brighter. Keep up the good work.

  2. Burt,

    I am not how to post a new question on your blog. I have been asked to fabricate a cornice similar to #3607 under contemporary cornices. It will not have the cutouts at the bottom. Just straight across. The welt cord is to create the x design on yours. The customer wants it to have a 3D effect. This is my plan, please let me know if this how you would tackle it. The cornice is 134″ long, 5 1/2″ returns and 20″ deep. There will be self welt along the bottom of the cornice. I will need a good bit of padding to create the look desired. What do you suggest? I will cover cornice completely, then mark the x’s with chalk and staple the lines, keeping the staples close together. Then I will hot glue the decorative cord in the x pattern. I will use chair ties, cutting off one of the tassels so that I only have a cord and one tassel. I will know the cord and hot glue it at the top of the cornice between each x. I have 6 x’s across the cornice so I will have 7 tassels. Any suggestions on the bulk that the welt cord will cause at the top of the cornice or where the makes the cross? I have never used firmaflex before, but am going to use is on the face of the cornice. What should I do to keep such a long length from bowing?

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