Estimating your fabric requirements

The pages for estimating your fabric requirements are currently under construction.  Check the Fabric Estimating Guides on our Quality Cornices website for updates.

Padded banding

Most of the time banding will be a flat piece of fabric applied to the face of the cornice board such as in this photo:

Flat banding applied to the face of a cornice

However, there are times when you might want a rounded banding to achieve a different look such as in this example:

Rounded banding at the top and bottom of a cornice.

An Example of Welt Cord

Welt cord is applied to the edge of the cornice.  Here’s an example:

Cornice board with welt applied to back edge of returns

Welcome to the new Quality Cornices Blog

Welcome to Quality Cornices, a site devoted to interior designers and home owners who are searching for decorating ideas.  This site offers photos of upholstered cornice boards, lambrequins, folding screens, headboards and mirror frames, with useful guides for estimating your fabric requirements. Since 1977 I’ve been building these products with great care and treating each customer with courtesy and friendliness.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you so we can talk about your design needs.-Burt Revell